Monday, November 3, 2014

Cat Eating Halloween Monster

This year, I dressed up as something I had joked about last year:

Ok, the costume wasn’t nearly as cool looking in real life, but it WAS a dinosaur onesie.

I put it on to show Boyfriend and Kitty, and excitedly bounced into the living room.

we call this "foreshadowing"

I was NOT expecting what happened next.

Yes, kitty thought I was a real dinosaur (or that I was being attacked and eaten by a real dinosaur), fell off her cat perch, and broke my blinds on the way down. Then she went into full on scary kitty mode.

she sensed danger.
It was freaking hilarious.

Are we bad people? Maybe.

I quickly took off the costume to show her I was alive and well.

Eventually she kind of came around.

And that’s how I accidentally terrorized my cat on Halloween.


  1. I love that drawing of your scared kitty. Did you make or buy a dinosaur onesie? Where do you find an adult onesie of anything? No, really, where do you find adult onesies? Uh, asking for a friend.

    1. Oh I bought it. The internet is a wonderful place. (No really - only about 20 bucks on amazon!)

  2. Poor kitty! Did The Boyfriend dress up later as a caveman?

  3. Ah yes, is there anything sexier than watching your loved one prance around in a dinosaur onesie?

    Also, my cat used to think I was someone else when I wore a ball cap. She'd get mad, hiss, and try to attack me. Then I'd take it off and she'd instantly mellow out. Like you, I'm a terrible person, so I just laughed until I cried. Psychologically, I'm sure she's fine.

  4. I am so glad this is the sort of high brow blog that includes foreshadowing! Class, pure class here :)

    I feel bad for the kitty, but I would have laughed, too. Just don't be surprised if you find cat pee on that costume at some point!

  5. That was funny. Hilarious. I am now resisting the urge to buy a onesie for myself. My dog freaks out at Mylar balloons. Animals are fun :). Sorry for the very disjointed comment; I'm sitting at the doctor's office and I think it's making me anxious.

  6. How did you manage to pee when you were in your costume? It seems like too much work. That's a terrible thing you did to Kitty. Now she wants to live with me.


  7. Lmao this one killed me!! Too funny..where did u ever find an adult dinosaur onesie anyways??? Haha