Monday, November 24, 2014


So, this happened this weekend.

Because I'm a motherfucking baking QUEEN.

Kitty always good for a distraction. So cute. 

#ComputerProblems, anyone else?


  1. Clean out your cookies. Click Safari (upper left corner) click preferences, click privacy. Near the top of the screen you'll see a details button, and it will tell you how many sites have stored data, mainly cookies, on your computer. Often this can include a cached version of the page. Every time you click a link, it checks this file for a cached version, thinking that will be faster than getting it from the web. This is a hold over back when our internet was tin cans and string. You can go through the list deleting retail, or delete it all. The worst that will happen is that you have to log into some sites again. When was the last time you restarted? Do that. And, the big question, when did you last do a backup? Remember, if iPhoto is open, and you use time machine, your recent photos have not been backed up. Have fun. See you next week.

    1. What the hell, a legitimately helpful comment in a comments section anywhere on the web? I mean, what's the internet coming to? He didn't call you a gay slur or a bitch even once. I don't know what's real anymore.
      In all seriousness, I want to thank Keith because I need to do this too.

    2. Yeah, I'm gonna do it too! All aspects of my world still operate on the tin cans and string principle, so this info is PURE GOLD! Thanks!

    3. You guys are welcome. I found this out the hard way. As a side note, our desktop computer is set to delete history. HOWEVER, when you scroll through cookies, you can see almost every site visited. So if seeing the cookies for gay porn, expensive shopping places, or shady adult dating sites is going to be a surprise for one or more of the people using the computer, be the one doing the checking. Alone. Just saying.

  2. 45 seconds computer time equals 5 minutes in the real world.

  3. Have you tried kicking it and shaking it?

    See? There's more than one thoughtful, helpful comment around here.

  4. That would drive me bonkers! Did clearing your cache help?

  5. I often marvel at how little patience I have when it comes to waiting for things to load from the internet. I'm pretty patient when it comes to most other things in my life, but if I click something and I don't get a results within three seconds, I'm all "WHYYYYYYYYY!? HURRY UP!"

  6. Did any Mac owner ever consider Safari to be the problem and the bane of web browsers? It's a memory hog and it always has been because it was written based a Chrome back in those days when Google and Apple cooperated instead of being the mortal enemies they are today.

    One easy answer is to use Firefox. Import your bookmarks or make new ones.

    Some websites will drain your CPU. Disqus comments cause instability. Sears and Macys aren't fun to web browse. Home Depot has issues even when they aren't being hacked.

    Last, you might have a bum hard drive. Although all Mac hardware is much more robust than anything found in a Windoze machine, sometimes you get some gear or components that "forget who they are" and behave more like any American made car.