Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cat Costumes

As you know, I'm super excited about the idea of dressing kitty up for Halloween. In fact, I've come up with a couple new costume ideas. 

Ghost cat!

Pro: that's a lazy cat costume. Con: You might bother the real ghost cat. Next!

Magician cat!

Kitty will have to learn tricks for this one! Unfortunately, kitty is not super motivated. Next!


Yep, this is the one.

 Pumpkin costumes are quite forgiving, for both of us. I think we have a winner.


  1. I think we have a lunatic. Unless your cat has been declawed (poor thing) and defanged, and is blind because the eyes of death have been removed. Otherwise you are taking your life in your hands trying to put a costume on a cat. Except for the little guy wearing a shark costume, riding on the roomba. That was cute, and I've no idea how they did it.

    1. I had basically the same thought.

    2. Ditto. Also, why not just paint stripes and call the cat a tiger? OH, or better, just throw a bucket of orange paint at it and call it Garfield? PETA would be on board for that, I think.

  2. I never attempted to get my cat to wear a Halloween costume. One year, however, I tried to put this cute little rainbow bandana around her neck for gay pride day. I still have the scars.

  3. Have you tried putting anything on Kitty? She might not like it. One year on Christmas Eve I put a red ribbon on Milhous the tabby cat. He went insane and ran under a bed. It took forever to get him out to remove the ribbon.