Thursday, October 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Salem Witch Trials

Throwback Thursday: It's October. Yay Halloween themed posts!
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(a retelling by Mayor Gia)

In the spirit of Halloween, I’ve decided to retell the Salem Witch Trials. 

Back in 1692, a couple of girls decided it would be fun to start spreading foul and odious lies about people in their village.

 Poor Gia was accused of witchcraft, and brought before a judge.  The judge also happened to be her Boyfriend.  He was somewhat intimidated by her and her trendy hat and multiple cats.

Me, bitter? What?

So poor Gia was burned at the stake.

And Boyfriend thought he was free.

But Boyfriend was not that lucky.

So that’s how I like to think the Salem Witch Trials happened. I like this version much better than the real story, where a bunch of innocent women were murdered because bitches be cray.


  1. Now when the Boyfriend says you're hot stuff, he's being literal!

  2. Gia if you ever come to Boston I am taking you to salem and we are going to the Wax Witch Museum because you would love it. It's so bad and I laugh and then I feel horrible for laughing because it retells the whole trials but the wax figures are so old and have recorded voices. I just can't explain it.

  3. Did you know that Alternative History is a recognized literary genre? I see the next Great American Novel in the making here.

  4. Average life expectancy was 24? Nice to know I'd be way, way dead by now.