Monday, July 14, 2014

Tablet Problems :(

So if I'm being totally honest, I wasn't going to have a spectacular post ready for today. It's been a busy weekend (I HAVE A CAT NOW!!!!), so you weren't going to get one of my really good bible stories. More like some variation of this:

HOWEVER, when I sat down with my wine and popcorn to let the genius flow this weekend, I ran into a small technical problem. It's pretty complicated to explain, but in layman's terms we can just refer to it as a "My-drawing-tablet-is-all-fucked-up-and-I-don't-know-why" issue.   I'm going to try to get it fixed this week, and either way, there should be a podcast coming shortly (..anyone?). 

Excuse me now, I have a cat I need to harass. 


  1. Your tablet problem wouldn't be "I can't stop playing with the new kitty and forgot to blog," would it? Because that would still be an acceptable excuse.

  2. I was going to leave a well thought out comment but I am having a fat fingers day (it's humid) and am reading this on my phone. Stupid tiny keyboard.

  3. A PODCAST?! You should do the whole thing with a Finnish accent.