Monday, July 28, 2014

The Incredible Farting Cat

Yes, it's another cat post. Sorry. I'll eventually start blogging about other topics, I swear. But right now, I'm all:

So when I first got kitty, she came in a cardboard carrier.

She was understandably freaking out when I drove her home the first time.  Whilst in the car, all of a sudden I smelt something foul.

When I got her home and took her out of the box, there was no poo.  I didn't think much of it until the next day. 

Yes. My cat farts. Apparently this is a somewhat unique feature in a cat. 

Boyfriend didn't really take me seriously. Until it happened to him. 

Does anyone else have a farting pet?? 


  1. Is this a clever ruse so that you have a scapegoat when farting next to your boyfriend, or anyone who comes over? What effect would Bean-O have on a cat?

  2. try different food. Unless you don't want a scape-cat.

  3. Oh man. We used to have a dog that could clear a room quicker than, well, other family members of the human variety. His gas was epic, and the vet said it was just his "chemistry" and there was nothing we could do with it. I've never had a farting cat, but the litter box also didn't smell like roses. Now I won't get "Smelly Cat" out of my head for the rest of the day...

  4. What are you feeding her? I've had cats for 20 years and have never heard nor smelled a cat fart. Get her some higher quality food, maybe?

  5. Whenever the cat farted, the wife suddenly felt better. Strange how that worked...

  6. Oh no. Animal gas is the worst. April can definitely clear a room. Luckily she's good most of the time.

  7. I've never known a farting cat. Maybe you need to feed her Iams. Iams put an end to Charlotte Mew's diarrhea, many years ago.


  8. My dog farts all the time, and genuinely jumps like he's genuinely terrified. Which I would probably do too if I farted as loudly as him! x