Monday, July 21, 2014

True Detective and GhostCat!

First, my tablet is fixed! Ok, more like I plugged it in again and it started working. But yeah, huzzah! Fixed! On to the story. 

Boyfriend and I have been watching True Detective. We binge watched the last 5 episodes this week. 

If you've seen it, you'll know it's creepy as fuck. 

But it's also pretty good. I recommend. 

After, then we tried to go to bed. 

A note about my bedroom: right now, I'm not letting kitty in there when I sleep. She has this habit of aggressively attacking my feet, and I need my beauty rest. 

She likes to sneak in, though. 

I can't say I always mind. 

So, Boyfriend and I were laying in bed, sleeping and having terrible true detective nightmares. 

At around 2 am, Boyfriend got up to use the bathroom and came back to bed. I could tell he was moving around a bit. 

Truth be told, I thought I felt her walking near my legs, but when I reached down for her I didn't feel anything. 

I told Boyfriend I had to go to the bathroom and that I'd check the living room for kitty. 

She wasn't in any of her spots in the open, so I checked in her common sleeping spot, under the futon. Lo and behold:

That's right. Kitty was sleeping soundly until I woke her up. I could tell what she was thinking:

So I crept back into bed and told Boyfriend.

Suffice it to say, sleep did not come easily after that. 

In the morning, Boyfriend and I talked about it. 

So yes, we may have a ghostcat(!) in the bedroom. Do your cats/pets ever creep you out like this? Or you have a ghostcat! story? Share!


  1. That cat is going to give you a lot of good material!

  2. Since I'm super behind on life... congrats on the new apartment, hooray for getting a kitty finally!!!

    I don't let mine in the bedroom either. It's the only semi car hair free area!

  3. Ghost cat? I'm excited for the Scooby team to show up, rip the mask off of Ghost Cat to reveal Old Man Whitherby who owns the abandoned amusement park... Or a bunch of roaches. I'm not helping.

  4. My cat is the lightest animal in the house, and yet when she goes running around in the middle of the night she sounds like an adult male falling down the stairs. I don't know how she does it. So we don't have ghost activities, we just wake up to the sound of someone fleeing a crime scene.

  5. Annnnnnnnd, I thought "Penny Dreadful" was scary. Well, at leat the cat here at my mom's is too old to come to my room very often...unfortunately. Looking forward to a home visit to my dear VA soon!

  6. My dog, Olive, stares at me at night. I wake up and she will be on my pillow looking down at me. It's super annoying but she is stupid cute and soft so I accept it.

  7. We did have a ghost cat when we lived in CT. It was really cool. But then< everything was cooler in CT!

  8. All homes with pets have a ghost pet. It's the onl way to deal with odd sounds in the night.