Thursday, April 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday: And then I Made a Mess

Throwback Thursday: Just because I like this one, and I think it's underrated.
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So Boyfriend and I were in his seaside house last weekend. It was a low-key night. We were just hanging out in the living room, and this happened:

It made a mess, y’all. It looked like a scene from Dexter. There was glass all over, and red wine splattered on the leather couch (ok) and freshly painted white walls (not okay).

Boyfriend was good though. He cleaned it all up and even repainted the part of the wall the next morning.

But back to that night.  After I killed the wine glass, we decided to go upstairs to the bedroom. I was helping Boyfriend make the bed…

Putting the bottom sheet on the mattress is SO HARD.
Technically, this time it was a big elbow gesture.
And then my elbow knocked into my glass of water.

 I grabbed my  iphone immediately, so that was fine. The rest wasn’t too big of a deal.

Yes, he got my water. Boyfriend = best.
The evening was not going my way.

And then Boyfriend threw a blanket on me.


  1. Even though I could see it coming that was funny.

    I almost always get an actual audible laugh or two out of your posts...good stuff!

  2. I can relate. My wife is the queen of clumsiness. She once lost a phone by dropping it in a milkshake and then simultaneously knocking the milkshake off a desk. Because if it wasn't dead from being submerged in milk, it sure was after it fell 4 feet inside of a glass that shattered everywhere.

  3. Deep pocket sheets. Extra deep.


  4. My mother still to this day threatens to buy me a sippy cup. I'll let you know if I find some cool ones. We can drink wine out of sippy cups together!