Monday, April 14, 2014

Busy Weekend!

This was a busy weekend for me. I had a wedding to go to. 

Yes, that is what I wore. I was slightly worried about the bride upstaging me, but she didn't have a tiara, so SUCK IT. 

And then the weather was real nice so I had to do my thang. 

And what did Boyfriend do, you ask?

Anyways, how was your weekend? Do anything fun?


  1. Oh boyfriend! Glad you had a good weekend. I went home to the parents and my niece so I've been immersed in 2 year old land. I don't want to leave!

  2. Yeah, I talked about my weekend over on my blog. Not as much sunshine and relaxation. In fact, my weekend has so embittered me that your happiness is inspiring a volcano of rage in my blackened heart.

  3. Boooo to your cat walks. Boooo. After being 73 degrees, it snowed the very next day all day and my weekend was spent inside doing nothing. Booooo.

  4. My roommate always talks about taking one of our cat on walks. She needs a kitty exercise plan, to be honest.

    Weddings are fun! I get to go to one in June and I'm pretty excited.

  5. My cats won't let me near a leash. They get super heavy like i just put a lead vest on them. So funny but so sad at the same time.

  6. Ahhhh yes, I too was a golf widow. I could try to walk my cat I suppose, but I think she secretly hates me anyway x

  7. I don't know who that bride thinks she is, but if she had the slightest notion she would upstage you in your Glinda the Good Witch finery, well, I just feel sorry for her mate. Also, she probably isn't as radiantly white as you are, because that pseudo-albino look is hard to pull off.