Thursday, April 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Bangs

Just cuz.

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Since “embarrassing things” seems to be this week’s theme, let’s talk about what I did on Monday.

This is a slight exaggeration.

So. I really wanted a long sidebang, but I recently got my hair trimmed and they cut too much anyway and I’m trying to grow it out so I didn’t want to go back for another trim just to throw in the sidebang.

Mistake uno: believing in myself
Like with any major decision, I checked with twitter first.

The responses were fairly positive, I think:

Okay not really at all. I tried to reassure everyone that I knew what I was doing:

I checked with Boyfriend, too, via gchat:

Me: In other news i bought a pair of hair cutting scissors 
If you need me I'll be in my bathroom for the next hour 
This should go well
Boyfriend: DON’T DO IT!
Me: Damn 
Between you and twitter …
Its just a little sidebang!!1
Boyfriend:  famous last words
I'd like someone to bang on the side too you know [Note: he’s kidding.]
Me: Don’t start 
but seriously 
I’m being adventurous 
snip snip 
Boyfriend: The next words after its just a little side bang are, "it cost me $120 to fix it at the hair salon" 
It went..okay. Except I didn’t listen to my brain even though I knew my bangs were wet, and cut them shorter than intended. And slightly unevenly. But I didn’t cut that much of them, so it’s not that noticeable…

Everyone was supportive.

Boyfriend came over and saw it.


  1. So what you're saying is... we still don't get a picture of the aftermath? :(

  2. I slaughtered my own bangs one time ... the day before my senior prom. My date, as you might expect, was super thrilled. And by thrilled I mean bitchy and angry and mean