Friday, June 14, 2013

Warm Bodies

Boyfriend and I watched Warm Bodies last weekend.

Anyway, it was good. It was only an hour and a half, which is perfect for my attention span. It had moments of funniness. 

I had this shocking revelation during the film.
The main character’s friend was funny.

Analeigh Tipton, Crazy Stupid Love, Steve Carrell. BOOM!

Anyhoo, there’s one downside to watching a zombie movie late at night, nomatter how cute it is.

We went to bed soon after, and not surprisingly, zombie dreams were had…

Actually, a more accurate zombie nightmare for me would be…

Zombie sluts. Still hate em. 


  1. It was good!?! A zombie love story was good? I find that harder to believe than the possibility of zombie sluts. Also, in defense of your boyfriend, I've never seen any of the Twilights, but I know who Kristen Stewart is. Some things are tragically unavoidable.

  2. I had fun with the movie. It's ridiculous (as was the book) but sometimes you just need some zombie fluff.

  3. I have yet to see this movie. But, now I might. They should probably give you so some sort of compensation for your publicity, yes? HA. Zombie sluts... !

  4. I always tell people that I love zombies anything. But I never thought about a zombie love story. This movie will put me to the test.

  5. Maybe one day someone will make a movie about a mythical creature that can only feed on zombies... thus needing to make more zombies... who need to eat people.

    mmmm... zombies.

  6. Hubs and I liked Warm Bodies. We follow The Walking Dead too. Do NOT confuse the two!

  7. I have been meaning to watch this movie, mainly because that guy from Skins is in it!

    Argh, zombie sluts,always stealing our men with their rotting boobs.

  8. Fucking zombie sluts. Stay away from Boyfriend or I'll use my words to berate you.


  9. Really? Didn't think this movie would be any good. I still don't know if I'd watch it though.

  10. I actually saw this movie in the theater. Because nothing else was playing when we showed up. Because we didn't plan ahead.

    Longest 90 minutes ever.

    Also, zombie sluts are the WORST kind of sluts.

  11. I enjoyed it but knew what to expect going into it.

    And that girl totally looks like a blonds Kristen Stewart! And wouldn't he smell, like how could she get past the smell?

  12. I definitely think the girls looks like a blonde Kristen Stewart too. Maybe there is a red head version too...

  13. Noooo, anything that makes you dream of zombie whores can't be good! x

  14. I just got this movie from Netflix. I can't wait to watch it...even if I do get nightmares.

  15. Soooo, would you recommend it? I wanted to see this based on previews but it was in/out of the theater pretty quick.