Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Blogged a Blog...

 So this happened on Friday night.  Because I’ve been watching Les Mis too much.  Sing along to this short version from the commercials 

Ignore the wine-chugging sound

Impressive, I know. Oh, did I forget to mention Boyfriend was over when that happened?

So, what's the most embarrassing thing you have done lately? Please, don't hold back.


  1. You were way too cheerful to have been singing anything from Les Mis.
    I really haven't done anything embarrassing lately. Nope...Too self assured and cool...Yep...Not...capable of...Okay, fine, I was petting my friends dog and the dog got a dog boner and I didn't notice because we were talking and they didn't tell me because they thought it was hilarious then my hand brushed against the dog's red-rocket and I almost threw the dog across the room from shock. There, you happy?

  2. That musical interlude, I'm guessing that lasted from the end of the last trailer to the beginning of the credits?
    I feel for boyfriend.

  3. Hahahaha, I haven't seen this film yet but really need to see it. Most embarrassing thing I did recently was probably an impression of an angry swan. Luke was acting as though he didn't know what I was talking about when I mentioned how angry swans get sometimes, so I started flapping my arms like wings and hissing. He couldn't look at me after haha xx

  4. Why aren't you sobbing like Anne Hathaway while you sing? And shouldn't you draw yourself as so skinny that you're half of your usual self? I love your blog so much. It never fails to make me smile. The most embarrassing thing I've done recently is weed whip my leg while I was working in the yard. I wasn't badly hurt, and I blogged a blog about weed whipping myself.


  5. Bravo, bravo! Well, what I did that was embarrassing was I was gardening out front in my nasty gardening pants with a hole in them, with my butt stuck up way in the air, and I was humming along, and shook my butt just a little...and then looked over to see a guy walking by. Sigh.

  6. I haven't done anything too embarrassing actually. Mostly because I sit around at home so much. :P

  7. Oh let's's so hard to choose just one. Almost fell off a spin bike the other week. Somehow walked into a table in the cafeteria at work in the middle of the lunch hour. But I really like your version of I Dreamed a Dream.

  8. Uh-uh.

    I read other people's blogs to try and forget the embarrassing things I do all day. Every day.

    Sometimes I can almost drown out the voices in my head that try and remind me of it all...


  9. Most embarrassing moment: singing the words to your song aloud just to hear it in proper context. Yeah, I did. What of it?

  10. Boyfriend may hate you now, but how much is he going to love you when your blog becomes a musical and you become famous and rich?

  11. Where is the Fantine-like sobbing? You're supposed to be in anguish and bawling your little eyeballs out! Yeah, I cried through that whole damned movie too and I liked it!
    Most embarrassing thing? I can't think of anything better than your blog song so we'll let that one soar above the clouds

  12. Oh god. I just sat here and sang your entire ridiculous blog song. Luckily, I'm home alone right now. Although, I rocked it way harder than that Hathaway would have.