Monday, April 16, 2018

Best Night Ever

As I mentioned awhile ago, I lost power for a few days last month. 

After the plows came and cleared the roads, I went to Boyfriend's for a night to stay warm. 

I made the tough decision to leave Kitty, on account of this happening in the car:

and this happening when she sees Boyfriend's dog:

And yes, I still felt VERY guilty about leaving her.

Anyway, the power came back on and I returned home. And that night, the most magical thing happened. 

Yes, my little furry monster - after weeks of rejecting the bed in favor of a closet shelf - joined me for MAJOR cuddling and purring all night long. 

It was like she squeezed a month worth of cuddles into one night

It was bliss. 

Some people were not as impressed as I was about this development. 

Uh huh. Sure. 

Anyway, #BestNightEver. 


  1. I think cats like some people a lot more than other people, and they are much more attached to some people than others. Thinking back to how my ex's cats treated me compared to her, I think that trust figures in big as well.

    Don't listen to your boyfriend on this.

  2. Awwwwwww, kitty MISSED you! And your body heat.

  3. Kitty cuddling is very comforting. Also very warm. If I take a nap on the couch I can depend on at least two of them curling up on me.

  4. "Cat's don't love." That is quite the indictment of cats. It implies they're all sociopaths. Furry, clawed, swishy-tailed sociopaths. Interesting. As long as you felt loved, that's all that really matters, right?

  5. I have 10. Three are in my lap now. Yes, they love.