Monday, April 23, 2018

Glasses half empty

I know I don't usually draw myself with glasses, but as I may have mentioned, I wear them regularly.  And I recently got a new pair. They're a little bigger and have a purplish tint.

The reaction has gone like this:




So, Boyfriend's a jerk and my new glasses are great, thanks for asking!


  1. Oh no.

    He'll stop noticing them in a couple days, probably.

    When I wear glasses, people believe they've never seen me without glasses. When I wear contacts, they believe I always wear contacts.

    I'm guessing bf can be oblivious in many ways, so he'll probably stop noticing...

    ...or maybe he'll laugh every time he sees you. But probably not.


  2. Boyfriend is being a jerk. Nothing should happen to him for a while, NOTHING at all, if you get my hint. But that purplish tint? It's a coating to cut down on reflections, and after a while it will drive you mad. It will catch and hold the slightest smear of anything. Pushing up your glasses will leave a fingerprint. Your hair brushing across them will leave a hair print. You will be washing your glasses far more often. Have fun.

  3. Boyfriend is pretty confident of his place in the world, isn't he?

  4. You shouldn't have told him. If he is like most of us it would have been a couple of weeks before he realized there was something different about you.

  5. I understand these are for comedic effect, but I'd like to see Boyfriend depicted as supportive and loving. once-in-a-while. We don't get to see that side and he can't possibly be that mean to you for you to stay with him. If it truly is bad, draw a drawing where you blink once for "yes, I need help getting out of this relationship," or blink twice for, "this is a heightened reality and I swear he's not relentlessly verbally abusive to me and maybe I should let him draw one of these so he gets to show his perspective sometime."

    1. Aww! He *IS* supportive (and mean), but the supportive part is boring and not particularly funny which is why it doesnt usually end up in drawings. Plus we have the same messed up sense of humor. I'll try to think of ways to show that side a bit in upcoming posts....