Monday, December 4, 2017

Dream Crusher

So, this happened last week:

Poor Boyfriend. 
What could be the cause, you ask?

Honestly I know I usually draw animals WAY too big but I think I made these guys too small. They're HUGE. The gray one might be an ocelot. 

Boyfriend's monster cats. The cuddliest, cutest monster cats in the world. Do you guys sleep with pets? Kitty sleeps with me in the winter when she's not being a total bitch when she's in the mood. 


  1. HRH never deigned to sleep with me. She did not mingle with the peasantry.

  2. My cat is 7 lbs and my wife's poodle is 8 lbs, so if anything, I'm always worried about crushing them. Maybe that's why the poodle yelps and kicks in his sleep so much; he's having his own elevator dream.

  3. Penelope sleeps with me. She stays on her side of the bed unless she's cold. Then she cuddles, but she's not a crusher.


  4. So, the cats cuddling up to him, their furry hugs, lead to a feeling of being crushed to death by an elevator? Geez, I'd hate to think what he'd dream about if you were spooning him.

  5. The only thing I sleep with nowadays are pillows.
    Well, now I've gone and gotten myself all depressed.