Monday, May 1, 2017

2017: G.O.A.T. Update

First, let's revisit this post from last April:

As you all know, Boyfriend has a dog.

He also has custody of a couple of bunnies (cats...RIP bunnies), and he's getting backyard chickens in a few weeks.

yeah, they'll all be named after downton abbey characters
It's very exciting that Boyfriend is pretty much becoming farmer Boyfriend.

Yeah nobody believes that, Boyfriend. 

Anyway, this recently happened:

For your viewing enjoyment readers:

Yeah. That.

Project #GiaNeedsGoats is now underway. I'll keep you all updated on the cuteness.

So, since that post, Boyfriend got his kitties and backyard chickens (two of which ARE named Anna and Mrs. Patmore, for the record.) However, he is still goatless. 

Sigh. Still working on it, everyone. 


  1. Keep working on him! You'll wear him down eventually!

  2. Goats are absolutely adorable, even with their weird, square eyes. Between that and instantly recognizing Anna and Mrs. Patmore (and going 'd'awww' because I enjoyed that), I'd like you to take my Man Card. I will no longer be needing it or deserving of it.

  3. Oh it's going to be so much fun!! Goats are so playful animals!!!

  4. Goats are adorable and not that much work at all. Tell Boyfriend that Janie Junebug says it is so and that makes it true. (I know nothing about goats.)


  5. Goats are the cutest, despite their weird horizontal pupils. But they're probably less destructive than a kitten, right? Also, the death of your bunnies was a belated bummer.

  6. I love goats, but we have predators that might find them tasty. I don't want to die of a broken heart.