Monday, April 4, 2016

Farmer Boyfriend

As you all know, Boyfriend has a dog.

He also has custody of a couple of bunnies, and he's getting backyard chickens in a few weeks.

yeah, they'll all be named after downton abbey characters
It's very exciting that Boyfriend is pretty much becoming farmer Boyfriend.

Yeah nobody believes that, Boyfriend. 

Anyway, this recently happened:

For your viewing enjoyment readers:

Yeah. That.

Project #GiaNeedsGoats is now underway. I'll keep you all updated on the cuteness.


  1. I hope Boyfriend lives on an acreage and not in a downtown condo.

  2. Gia, YOU SO NEED SOME GOATS!!!! We used to raise pygmy goats on our farm. They are adorable. Tell boyfriend that it's like having a dog but they Baaaaaa instead of he could give up lawn mowing. They throw that in lieu of their upkeep. Bet dog doesn't do that.

  3. Goats! Goats! Goats!!! GOATS!!!!

  4. It's a good thing he got backyard chickens because frontyard chickens are a damn nightmare, and all the Lysol in the world can't get that kind of blood out of your radiator.

  5. And you thought cats were bad for recreational vomiting.

  6. I love some baby goats. It's only when they grow, start spontaneously eating your shirt. But have you tried goat cheese!?! Delicious. And backyard chickens eat mosquitoes which is awesome. And you know what, overalls just make more sense than choking your waist with a leather belt! Viva la Farmer Life!

  7. If it hadn't been for fresh goat's milk when was young I never would have grown into this tremendous specimen you see before you. Oh, that's right, you can't actually see me. AND they are terminally cute.

  8. OMG I am so jealous right now. My guy is allergic to everything so I can't have "companion animals". But you still get my Goats for Gia vote! :-)