Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I'm Such a Grown Up (And Kitty's a Menace)

I recently bought a new thing.

It's a couch! (Ok, a loveseat.)

Kitty noticed it too.


So now I've stocked up on double sided tape, anti scratching spray (waste of money), a tin can with pennies, and an iron will. 

Anyone ever successfully stop a cat from ruining their adulthood brand new furniture?


  1. Did you pee on it? You have to make sure the cat knows that's your territory, so you have to pee on it.

  2. My cat scratched the hell out of a new armchair I bought -- nothing would deter her. Then I bought one of those huge, carpet-covered cat trees and put it by the big window for her. All of a sudden, she switched her scratching attention to the cat tree and never touched the chair again. So that's what I would recommend to you.

  3. I have a friend who puts foil all over the couch when she is away, but I have a feeling that just entices the cat more.
    Orange oil and orange peels supposedly deter some cats, but my cat loves them.
    Scratching posts and scratching pads do help. (Just make sure to find out if your cat likes catnip or not. My cat will not touch anything with there's that.)

    The only thing that ever worked for me, and by accident: I tripped and spilled about half a glass of wine on my cat just as she was about to jump on the couch. She hasn't tried that since.

    Cheers! And good luck!

  4. i bought a flat scratcher and a scratching post and put them near the parts of the couch that my cats started scratching on. i'd like to point out that i had the couches for like years before the cats suddenly decided to start clawing them. dicks.

  5. I don't know if The Hurricane's kitty has scratched the furniture, but I doubt it. That cat has many toys and scratching posts to distract him. She's also at home quite a bit these days. She carries him around like a baby and says he likes seeing things from a different point of view. She also plays with him till he gets tired and needs a kitty nap.


  6. No. Cats will destroy everything regardless of what sorts of products you buy or invent to prevent it.

    Everything you love will be shredded.

    I wish I were kidding. Still, it's worth it.

  7. Like the others, I recommend putting scratching posts near the couch to re-direct your kitty's attentions. I don't have a cat anymore, but I do watch "My Cat From Hell" pretty regularly, and that's what the expert says.

  8. I've never seen anything that actually worked. If you hear of/find something, let me know. For now, try the scratching posts. Also, I agree with Katy. Sad, but true.