Thursday, May 15, 2014

Throwback Thursday: #$&@! You, Apple

Throwback Thursday: because I recently tried to figure out why my photos weren't syncing properly and then I gave up because what the fuuuuck why is everything so hard?!?!?
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also known as “What It’s Like to Update Your Apple Products”

So my iphone updated last week to iOs 7. It’s not a huge deal, though I had no idea it was coming. 

But I realized that it takes up kind of a lot of room, and the free space on my iphone was getting pretty low.

Note: camera roll vs photo stream is incredibly confusing. Fuck whoever invented it.

So I got on my macbook to sync it with this mysterious cloud.

Ok, that wasn’t quite it. But I had to spend $20 to upgrade my macbook. I vaguely remembered something about an upgrade when it first came out, but spending $20 on something unnecessary at the time? Pssssshaw! 

Anyway, I bit the bullet and downloaded it.

An hour later, it finished downloading.

Finally, it rebooted and I had my latest operating system up.

So I upgraded my iPhoto and restarted my computer again.

Then I did something called “losing it”

So, I let my iphoto finish updating all my photos, and finally – FINALLY – got my iphone photos synced/backed up with icloud and iphoto.

But at least that’s done. Until apple comes out with another system upgrade.

If anyway needs  me, I’ll be mourning the loss of my weekend.


  1. My old phone broke so I'm rockin' an iPhone, and iOS 7 is the bane of my existence. Ever since that got installed my text messages constantly fail to send, my phone is incredibly slow (I don't even have a lot of pictures on here clogging it up), and everything freezes or crashes.

    As far as I'm concerned, Apple can eat a big ol' bowl of dicks.

  2. If anyone says "airplay" to you, run like you stole it, only faster.

  3. I second, verbatim, the beer boys above.

  4. In general I think there is too much use of the "F" word in blogging, however, somehow when ever YOU say "Mother Fucker" it is funnier than hell.

  5. And this is why I hate Apple products. My Macbook is on it's last legs, crashing if it doesn't have it's cooler.

    Actually it crashes anyways. I hate this thing.