Thursday, May 1, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Tattoos for Boyfriend

Throwback Thursday: Because I still want Boyfriend to get a whale tattoo on his booty!
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So, Boyfriend is thinking about getting a tattoo.

Tattoo Idea 1:

Okay okay, he said sea-themed and I gave him my name. Bad idea. Next?

Tattoo Idea 2:

Sigh. Sometimes I really don't understand him. Okay, here’s another:

Tattoo Idea 3:

Ok. This one is definitely a winner:

Tattoo Idea 4:

Okay, last one. This one he’ll love – it has a boat in it!

Tattoo Idea 5:

Welp, there you go. I was hoping Boyfriend would let me draw a bunch of mock ups and let you guys vote on the best one. But Boyfriend said something about not wanting a cartoon on his body and not letting you "crazy bitches pick something that important" or something I don’t know I’m not really sure. But if I could pick out Boyfriend’s tattoos, he’d look like this:


Do you guys have any tattoos? Tell me your tat tales!


  1. I love Tattoo Idea 3! I think it would make his butt look extra special. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Catching up here, cats first. Cats are not free. Not even close. Go find the nearest vet and ask what annual checkups and shots costs. You can buy health insurance for your pet. Make sure you're sitting down when you are told the price. All that is for a HEALTHY cat, and they come up with the most astonishing sicknesses. While you're at it, ask the vet what a typical suite of lab tests costs. Plan on that every third year or so. Plus license costs, altering if it hasn't been done already. Lots of expenses. Getting the cat is only the start of it.

    Some cats like to live alone, but often they like to have a buddy to talk to during the long hours when you're out. Just think the whole thing through before you do anything irrevocable. This is a little life you are playing with.

    If our cats let us sleep till 6, I'd be late for work. Ours were getting us up at 3:30 or 4 am. There is a trick to make them stop. We can meet in a coffee shop and I'll tell you the secret. Bring a big briefcase filled with used, non-sequential hundred dollar bills.

    Now the tattoos. Don't. Just, don't. I admit the possibility there can be good looking tattoo's. I just haven't seen one yet.

  3. One of my best fried's brother has a god awful tattoo of a heart on his leg. Every time his sister and I drink, we redesign it for him to be more badass. He stopped accepting calls from us, oddly enough.



  4. Tell Boyfriend if he's cool he will get one of your tattoo ideas. But if he's really cool, like me, he won't get one at all. Because that's what the super cool kids are doing now.