Friday, March 1, 2013

Trivets: The Conclusion

So, in case you missed it, I bought trivet kits for me and Boyfriend for Christmas. A couple of weeks ago, we finally finished them.  Ta-DA! 




Miss Priscilla Puffington got a sniff of em.

Miss Priscilla: What. Is. This.
Me: It’s a trivet, Miss Priscilla!
Miss Priscilla: Hmmm.
Me: What’s that mean?
Miss Priscilla: I could have done this better.
Me: Not without thumbs, bitch.
Miss Priscilla: What was that?
Me: Nothing, kitty!
Miss Priscilla: Gia.
Me: Yes?
Miss Priscilla: There are a LOT of wine corks here.
Me: Oh, hush.
Miss Priscilla: I mean, a lot a lot.
Me: I don’t think so.
Miss Priscilla: How much do you drink?
Me: They were amassed over quite awhile.
Miss Priscilla: 
Me: They were!
Miss Priscilla: What’s in this can?

Me: Yes…for our next cork project….
Miss Priscilla: Gia!
Me: What?
Miss Priscilla: YOU NEED HELP!
Me: There’s not that many there. And some are Boyfriends.
Miss Priscilla: I judge you based on the amount of corks you have.
Me: Fine. I’m going to start getting screw top bottles.


  1. Well done the both of you. I tried to do something creative with the wine I drank as a result of this project of yours. I mean, I didn't drink because you were doing a project and it made me sad or anything, but the creative part. Unfortunately, my boxed-wine wallpaper didn't turn out nearly as well. The beer can rug sent me to a hospital. And my handle-of-vodka statue of David didn't hold up real well after I passed out into it. In comparison, your cork trivets are a wild success.

  2. Miss Priscilla is too judgey! But, yes, screw tops aren't a bad plan. Or, you could just throw out the corks! Or is that blasphemy?

  3. That's not many wine corks at all.

  4. That's a cool idea. I also noticed, Boyfriend seems to have a more varied selection of corks than you do. Was that luck of the draw? :)

  5. Nicely done! What's the next project? I think you could do one of those beaded curtain 70s-style things to hang in your kitchen door frame.

  6. awesome job Gia! cat's are so judgmental, aren't they?

  7. So your trivet was sponsored by Sutter Home, right? That’s what I’m getting…

  8. You don't have a problem. My neighbor decided to start nailing beer bottle caps to his back porch. It took him a month to completely cover his deck and railings with bottle caps. So then he started nailing them to his shed in the yard. That was completely covered a few months after that. So he had to start erecting wooden posts in order to have something to nail them to. His entire yard is beer bottle caps and he did this in about 6 months. THAT is a lot of drinking.

    To be fair, he does have a radio show where he talks about nothing but beer so technically it's part of his job, but still ...

  9. Nice! You got everything to fit and stuff! I remember how messy the first pictures looked.

  10. Martha Stewart has nothing on you two, by the way. How about boxes of wine? Priscilla will not be on to you at all!

  11. This is one time you could tell Miss Priscilla to put a cork in it, literally.