Friday, December 14, 2012

Miss Priscilla’s Christmas Wish

Me: Hi Miss Priscilla!
Miss Priscilla: Hi.
Me: What do you want for Christmas?
Miss Priscilla: Why do you assume I celebrate Christmas??
Me: Look at your candy cane head things!
Miss Priscilla: Well I guess.
Me: That’s right! So what do you want for Christmas?
Miss Priscilla: Cat nip! LOTS AND LOTS OF CATNIP.
Me: I heard you could get it in Washington state...
Miss Priscilla: Really? LET’S GO THERE AND GET CATNIP!
Me: Wowza. Kitty has a problem.
Miss Priscilla: Yes…it’s called NOT ENOUGH CATNIP.
Me: You’re gonna get potted up on catnip.
Miss Priscilla: Shut up and give me catnip.

Do you guys get your pets holiday presents?  Or is that weird? Or is it just weird if your "pet" is a stuffed animal with a very distinct personality?


  1. Nope, nothing weird about that at all.
    I've never seen what a cat high on catnip is like. To YouTube!

  2. I usually get the cat a new catnip toy or two. She goes nuts and it gives me hours of entertainment...ok so like 20 minutes but still, fun! We have a dog this year so there will be new toys given to him as well. As well as some bone for him to chew on, so we can sleep in :)

  3. We always got our (real) cat a Christmas present, but we learned to keep it under wraps until Christmas morning. Otherwise, we would always come downstairs to find the present torn open and the cat stoned.

  4. My cat's birthday is on Christmas day, so we always try to get her something, and my mum buys our dog a present every week, so of course he gets about 10 on Christmas day...

  5. A cat that's potted up on catnip is hilarious. I used to get Christmas presents for the late great Faulkner the collie. Oh, that first Christmas we had together, when I gave him a squeaky ball. I've never seen a happier dog. Now the dogs I have don't play much with toys, but they usually get a big fat rawhide on Christmas Day, and then they have big fat gas.


  6. People at work were talking about what they were getting their pets for christmas, and I just felt like the worst cat mother on the planet! I never would have even thought about it, to be honest.

  7. We got our pets like extra toys and stuff for Christmas. :P

  8. My cats usually get catnip. If I buy toys they pretty much just sit around the house. They prefer on-the-spot toys like balled up receipts, or a pile of dirty laundry. My mom usually gets them cat food.