Monday, April 1, 2019

Fur Everywhere

Those of you with pets are probably familiar with this experience:


  1. Oh no! Kitty has caught everyone's cold!

  2. I had to reread the title because I thought your cat has allergies and that captured my imagination. Do animals have allergies? Also, in addition to everything being covered in tree-jizz (some people call it "pollen") you're house is covered in pet fur? I'm already crushing up and snorting Allegra (not an endorsement), I can't imagine what I'd be doing with Benadryl if I had a pet too.

  3. Having 10 cats forces me to keep the shop vac handy. At least the horses are outside, but I don't think the horses or cats are allergic to each other.

  4. We have spring temperature now, F 70 (C 22) degrees.
    Have a great day