Monday, May 14, 2018

A Mother's Day Rant

Yesterday morning, I did my weekly grocery run. 

yes, basic necessity shopping for 10:30 am on a Sunday.

It was business as usual. Except this slightly odd exchange on the way out:

Kind of weird, right? I figured one of two things was happening. 

1. He assumed every adult female human was a mother. This is bad for many reasons, akin to asking a woman when her baby is due. 


2. Wishing someone a "Happy Mother's Day" has now become "celebrating the idea of motherhood so generally that it's normal to do to a total stranger" in which case, my response was perfectly appropriate.  

But seriously, can we please stop doing this with holidays?  See war on christmas. Here's a suggestion: how about we only wish people a happy fill-in-the-blank if we know they celebrate said holiday? Or else society is going to devolve into this:

I hope Boyfriend remembered to buy me a present for grandparents' day this year. 


  1. I think I would have just smiled sweetly and said, "Thanks! I'm going to go home now and drink myself into a stupor in front of the kids."

  2. I will only acknowledge holidays that involve donuts.

  3. You are Kitty's mom. How about that? Someone once asked me when my baby was due. I said, I'm 52 years old and I'm definitely too old to have a baby.

    The poor woman was quite embarrassed and tried to get out of it by saying, You don't look too old.

    I know. I just look too fat.


    1. I was with my son at the time. She seemed to think he was the father, which made it even worse. I'm often asked if my son is my husband.

  4. Since it was a booze barn, are you sure he wasn't praising you for your motherly attention to your liver? Feeding and raising a beautiful infant cirrhosis?

    Don't be too hard on the cashier, I once worked in retail and you end up checking out of your brain and saying weird stuff to customers. One time I told a customer to "swim tight." I still don't know what I meant, but it's now tattooed on my ankle.

  5. I called someone I was helping out at the courthouse a few days ago by the name of the document they'd showed me. The document was "Special Exceptions."

    I called a person "Special Exceptions."

    This guy's faux pas seems like the least stupid thing I do on an hourly basis.

    Except it's a little presumptuous.

  6. Ha! Oh. You're so right. By the way, I've been a loyal reader for YEARS and I realized, especially as a fellow blogger, maybe it would be nice if I actually commented to let you know that! You rock, momma! Wait. That came out wrong...

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