Monday, July 25, 2016



Yeah, I do this. #noshame


  1. If you keep telling your cat that it's the most special best cat ever, then it won't know the value of hard work and the value in the pursuit of its aspirations! Sorry, I listened to a podcast about narcissism. Blog yourself fancy all you want. You can be whatever you want in your own drawings. You can be a turtle if you want to.

  2. I think the fancy you is quite nice but the normal you rocks as well. What a good kitty-caretaker you are. My poor cat doesn't get affirmations. Petty and food...yes but sadly deprived of affirmations.

  3. Well, one of us is completely bald, and the other is morbidly obese. We just draw what we'd LIKE to see.

  4. My hair won't do fancy. It just kind of hangs down. It looks depressed. My hair has been through a lot, like my mom cutting my bangs way too short when I was in elementary school. Then there were the frizzy home perms. I'm sure you were beautiful in the wedding photos. You know your kitty will grown up to think that she deserves a trophy every time she participates in something. Kitty: I used the litter box. Where is my trophy? Kitty: I am part of my mommy's blog. Where is my trophy?

    That's what happens when you praise a child, I mean a kitty, for no reason. They want meaningless trinkets to show off to all the other kitties who might not have as many meaningless trinkets. You are doing a great disservice to that poor kitty.

    And Franklin and Penelope are the best doggies in the whole wide world. They will get stars on the "I Peed Outside Instead of On The Rug" chart. Three stars and they get trophies.


  5. I totally understand this line of thinking. As much as I prefer to project myself as deep, I know I am seriously vain. I recently posted a wedding photo - from fifteen years ago - on Facebook. Yes, it was mostly to celebrate our anniversary but also because I know I looked really good that day. Sad... yet joyous!

  6. It's fun to be a pretty princess! I love a good reason to wear a fancy dress and all that stuff.

  7. Dying over the affirmations to the cat. Honestly though, cats probably have the highest self-esteem since we're always telling them how perfect and pretty and handsome they are.