Monday, August 24, 2015

Boyfriend and Puppy!!

Exciting news in Boyfriend's world. 

Yes, Boyfriend got a puppy! As you may recall, he had an absolutely wonderful goldendoodle that sadly passed away earlier this year. Earlier this spring, he decided that this summer is a good time to train a puppy. He placed an order for a sheepadoodle.

No but seriously:


Anyway, his puppy was born 8 weeks ago, and he finally was allowed to take it home last week. 

Boyfriend's putting a lot of work into training puppy immediately. 

Yay for puppy! 


  1. Puppies are great, except for that whole training and needing to pee all the time thing. That's why we let friends get puppies then we go and visit for our puppy fix. "Sheepadoodle" doesn't sound right. Where did that "a" come from in the middle there? Shouldn't it be "sheepoodle" or "poodeep"? Yeah, I'd definitely go with "poodeep."

  2. Awww, so cute! Should provide lots of fodder for future posts, I'm thinking.

  3. I am anti-dog. Mostly because I live in a VERY urban environment where people don't even have back yards. I watch the poor dog people walking down the street behind their dogs. They have newspaper bags over their hands to pick up after their dogs and they all look so sad.

    No thank you.

    That puppy is cute, though!

  4. Omg what a cute little monkey!!! If we had more time to devote to a pet, we'd totally rescue a puppy. :)

  5. That dog is unbelievably adorable! I might have to figure out where you guys live and come steal him...just for a little while.

  6. I'm with Pickleope on Poodeep. I don't want to criticize, but I'm going to anyway: Doggies shouldn't be ordered. They should be adopted from shelters or rescue groups.

    Now I'll say that is one cute fucking puppy.


  7. I agree with Janie about adopting a dog... but only for the selfish reason that I wouldn't want to bother to do the potty-training myself. I look forward to hearing your puppy stories!