Monday, June 29, 2015

Cat Swap!

Boyfriend recently said this to me:

I'm sure that's what he meant.

So today I present:

Meet Gia, a twentysomething blogger with Kitty.

Who isn't, amirite??
And here's RandomGirl with her cat, SweetPea.

Watch Gia and RandomGirl switch pets for a week!

At Gia's apartment, things seem to be going well.

But at Random Girl's house, things are a different story.

A week later, they return to trade cats.

Sadly, Gia and RandomGirl swapped cats back. 

And Gia never got a full night of sleep again. The end!


  1. Does this mean you're no longer accepting pitches? Because I would like to present "Pawn Cats," where you pawn your cat to sleazy pawn store guys or "Storage Cats" where you put a bunch of cats in a box, lock them in a storage unit--or closet--and bid on them, sight unseen or "Keeping Up With the Catdashians," I don't know what that one is about but the pun was irresistible.

    1. *starts scribbling in notebook* Yes yes and yes!

  2. This is hilarious. My cat used to curl up under my arm and watch Game of Thrones with me. But now it runs away whenever I enter the room. Maybe it just preferred Game of Thrones to me. Can I be on Catswap next?

  3. This is why swapping doesn't work. You just have to keep getting more. And more. Cats - collect them all!

  4. Oh! I think A Beer is onto something. That's why people have so many cats...they keep hoping for the 'perfect one'.

  5. The Hurricane's kitty has his own YouTube video.


  6. I'm waiting for the reality series on Amish kitties who go to the Big City and get goofed up on catnip.

  7. Read this two minutes ago. Still laughing!

  8. I love cats way too much for someone whose never had any. I'd even take the grumpy one

  9. Psh, full nights of sleep are overrated. Lol said the girl who sleeps with a toddler on her head every night...

  10. HAHAHAHA I'll swap with you as well. My cats can be assholes but Oreo is the biggest baby imaginable. He wants nothing more to be pet and paid attention to 24/7.

  11. I think my friends' kitty is related to yours. She likes to be around us, but she will only tolerate being patted or picked up by her human "Daddy". Anyone else seduced by her silky-looking fur risks losing a finger.