Monday, December 8, 2014

Gia Want Sugar

 For the past few weeks, I’ve been eating very low carb, as Boyfriend does.

(I know I’m opening myself to a bunch of “moderation is key, eat healthy grains!” comments, but oh well. I won’t be all preachy about this, but it makes sense to me.)

Anyway, this happens about weekly now:

I’m allowed to eat cheese, thank goodness.

I’ve made some tasty carb alternatives, though:

Black Soy bean chili!

Low Carb Pizza!

Low Carb Chocolate peanut butter fudge brownies!

Sure, there are a couple of side effects, like the occasionally carb dream.

But I’m mostly ok with it.

Anyone else low carbing it?


  1. Low carb? Does that mean you're not drinking wine? Sorry, I know, crazy talk.
    I don't know much about dieting, not to brag, but that's because I was blessed with what can only be described as unfathomable sexiness. A deep well spring of eye blistering hotness. It must be hard to have to work at it, and for that, my heart goes out to you and all of those who aren't effortlessly, staggeringly gorgeous according to societal and Hollywood standards.

    1. While I think I could justify a glass a day, right now I'm *gasp* only drinking on the weekend. We'll see how long that lasts.

  2. Be careful with that paleo diet. You might regress back to being cavemen. That means Kitty will regress back to being a sabre-tooth tiger. Ouch!

  3. Well it does look like you're finding some tasty alternatives! Is it making you feel any different?

  4. That chili actually looks pretty amazing. I just work out like a beast and then eat whatever I want. The two just cancel each other out. AWWW YEAH SCIENCE!

  5. I don't eat low carb, but I eat pretty much only non-processed food, which rules out things like pasta, sugar, store bought bread, etc. I have definitely found that processed carbs feed off each other, so if you eat one thing, you end up craving more and more and more. For the most part, I am past cravings, although I do allow myself treats now and then, so I'm not completely deprived.

    I need the recipe for those chocolate peanut butter fudge brownies!

    1. Here you go:

      (I clearly used a 13 by 9, not 8 by 8. Also, the day I made them, I thought they were gross. Then I left them in the fridge overnight and really liked them the next day)

  6. I've been low carbing for quite some time. When I started, I had dreams about cinnamon rolls. Protein shakes helped me get over the sugar craving; i.e., chocolate protein drink mixed in ice water with a little sugar-free instant chocolate pudding and some frozen strawberries or a little peanut butter.


  7. I'll probably try that recipe for the brownies...

  8. Don't you get a cheat day? The low carbers I know got one cheat day per week. Otherwise known as fries-and-cupcakes day.