Thursday, September 25, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Worst Gift Gifter Ever

Throwback Thursday: Because it was Boyfriend's birthday earlier this month! I actually had a good gift idea. This. One. Time. 
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So, Boyfriend’s birthday is coming up.

And I have a confession.

It’s not my fault. I try SO HARD. Probably too hard.

This is not an exaggeration. I have seen the entire internet. There is a LOT of porn out there. 
Anyway,  Boyfriend is tough to shop for. I’m no expert in his hobbies (like golf or fishing), so it’s not like I could get him a new golf stick thingy-

Or fish stick thingy-

Well that just sounds filthy.
Whatever. And I try to find cool gadgets related to this stuff, but he already knows about most of them. And since he’s not poor like some of us here, if there is something he wants super bad, he probably owns it.

But this isn’t a problem – I can still get him something fun and whimsical. Right?

It’s hard to explain. I usually almost get it right.

(Just kidding. If I got my hands on a kitty, there’s no way I’d be able to give it away. Retarded or not.)

To Boyfriend’s credit, he is an excellent gift receiver.

Here’s hoping I do a little better this year! 


  1. I hear rumours that there's one gift that all men love, no matter how many times they receive it. Get going, girl.

  2. Debra is right, we all love good books.

  3. Willy Dunne Wooters won't accept gifts, no matter how hard I try. On his last birthday he wouldn't even open the e-cards I sent him. He won't give me gifts, either, so I buy them for myself with his credit card.


  4. Buying gifts for loved ones (who usually buy themselves whatever they want) is such a pain in the butt.

  5. Yup, buying gifts for guys is definitely trickier than buying gifts for girls, on average. Something homemade, maybe? A cake? A needlework sampler?