Monday, October 28, 2013

Birthday Weekend!

We celebrated my birthday this weekend.

That’s right, because I’m the best girlfriend ever, I made an apple pie for Boyfriend and me for my birthday even though it’s his favorite desert.


(Ok, ok, I had an excess of apples because I went apple picking so it kind of just worked out.)

Anyhoo, and then Boyfriend gave me his present.

So yes, I’m now the proud owner of an ipad 2. Because Boyfriend is the best.

What’s the best birthday gift you ever got?


  1. You made an apple pie for your own birthday? You earned that iPad.
    The best present I ever got was when I was thirteen, my mom got me a fifth of Jack Daniels (not an advertisement). It really prepared me for life to come. But come to think of it, Jack Daniels? Not even a good whiskey, cheap ass mom.

  2. A happy belated birthday! Almost 30 years ago I got the gift of life, which was pretty snazzy. After that, though, I'm sure it's just all downhill.

  3. I got proposed to on my 40th birthday, sort of. We actually just finally set the date after being engaged, ring and all, for 4 years. Drop that hint to BF when you think he's ready... But, you do have the best boyfriend :) And, the pie is beautiful, nice job.

  4. My daughter was born just a few days before my birthday so I am going to go with: I Got A Kid!

    That pie looks so delicious. I almost missed the part about the iPad.

    Happy Birthday!

  5. One year, Mindy bought me a motorcycle for my birthday. That was pretty fantastic.

  6. That's what I got for my birthday too!! Good job Boyfriend. Also, good job Gia on the pie. Now I want pie. Can I come over and eat some of your pie?
    p.s. Happy birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday!! Mmmm, pie. So, Apple Pie and Apple iPad, huh? Well, the good news is with all those apples, you should be doctor free for a while now! And I know how you feel about doctors so . . . best birthday EVER? ;)

  8. Happy Birthday! I don't remember getting a best birthday gift, but diamonds are a girl's best friend. One year X bought a birthday cake for me. It said, Happy Birthday Janey. I said, That's not how my name is spelled. He said, It's not?

    We'd only been married about 15 years. I wouldn't have cared if the cake had been decorated with some diamonds.


  9. Happy belated birthday! I'm so jealous of your iPad 2. I can't even remember the last time I got a birthday present.

  10. Happy birthday! Pie and iPads for everyone! Right?...

  11. What ipad? All I keep looking at is that delicious pie! Happy birthday!

  12. Happy birthday! I am jelly. Of both the pie and the iPad...