Monday, February 17, 2020

Presidents Day 2020!

Happy President's Day! Hope you have off work too. Enjoy the throwback!

Well, at least we got the day off from work. Happy President's Day!


  1. I worried that you might be really sick when you didn't post for so long. Glad you're okay. (except for the headache and pulled muscle). Get well soon. And yeah, I love Downton Abbey too. Wish the show could have continued.

  2. So funny!!! Lol, glad you are back again with power-packed humor. I too love Downton Abbey and wish the show could have continued. Another day off from work but not from household work …..oops laundry, grocery purchase. But yes more time with family�� Enjoy, Live life to the fullest !! Much blessings. Waiting for more posts.

  3. Enjoy your day off. Humor is such a relief. And, a brilliant ones from you will make my day. It’s been going along well. Love to see more blogs from your side. History was never my subject and I am not too sure of Downtown Abbey.

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