Monday, May 20, 2019

Game of Thrones: The End of an Era

Ok, ok, this post has been written pre-finale. But it's looking like my Daenerys costume was as well-chosen as my Melisandre costume from a few years ago:

An  hour later

Despite a few questionable episodes this season, Game of Thrones has been excellent and I'm sad to see it go. From the first, very confusing episode Boyfriend and I watched together:

Who woulda thought that Bran makes it to S8E6!

To the central role of dragons a few seasons later....


This show had it all. By "all" I mean lots of sex and violence, but also great storytelling and fun hairstyles. 

Farewell, game of thrones. Maybe one day, George R R Martin will finish those books (spoiler alert: he won't).

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  1. You're probably enjoying the very last episode even as I type this! I hope whoever wins is a surprise to you!