Monday, November 12, 2018

Ok, we can all exhale.

YAY we won! And yes, I was disappointed by some of the high profile races we lost (looking at you, Florida, Georgia, and Texas). But it was an extremely stressful night week two year period and I am so relieved we won the house. Whew.

Now if anyone needs me, I'll be taking a week long nap. Goodnight. 


  1. Exhale? But the monster still lurks. It still plagues us every day with its hideous narcissism-driven-sociopathy, inspiring hate crimes, rolling back environmental laws, creating clones who think this is the way to win political races, dragging discourse down, appointing justices in his image. Is there ever exhaling? I think I have my scuba license by default based on how long I've been holding my breath, or just generally panting. Yes, though, we should be happy with any progress.

  2. We also picked up seven governorships and flipped some state legislatures. Still waiting for some recounts, but breathing.

  3. Recounts continue in Florida, as required by law whether the fake president likes it or not.