Monday, September 17, 2018

Confession Time.

Ugh you guys, I have a confession. So I decided to draw it as an actual confession. Here you go:

Like a looooong time 

I did it and I'm so so so so sorry kitty

MY POOR BABY. She even LICKED her TAIL because it HURT her.  

guess i'm still mad about that

everything fixed. 

Kitty forgave me (eventually), so clearly the hail marys worked.


  1. Cats LOVE it when this happens! They deliberately manufacture the circumstances, and arrange it so they can generate maximum guilt. You didn't actually step on her tail, you probably stepped on her tail hair. Big differences. Still, the cat judge shall hear of this, and I fear it's yet another eternity in cat hell for you.

  2. I kicked my cat yesterday morning and I felt horrible. She crossed in front of me just as I was walking into the bathroom and I hit her in the hip. Not hard, but it still makes me feel like an asshole.

  3. Oof, that clap-back was harsh. Accurate and hilarious, though. You have my empathy. The inadvertent harming of any living thing makes me feel so bad. Have you ever hit a bird with your car? That one really got me. It has only happened twice with a bird swooping down out of nowhere and smacking into my windshield, but I felt like the enemy of nature those days (especially the second time).

  4. I have to shuffle my feet in the house to keep stepping on cats to a minimum which also keeps tripping to a minimum, but nothing is foolproof. They are a forgiving species when given enough time. I think one of the last people I would confess a sin to would be a Catholic priest.