Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Your Vote is Your Voice

You guys. It's time. 

I mean, I'm not saying this might be our last year of democracy, but... 
Seriously go vote right now (for my US friends, I mean. For the others....I'm not sure? Cast a metaphorical ballot? Go try to vote regardless of the fact that it's not election day for you?)

Local elections aren't sexy like the presidency or the senate, but they're actually really important! And tons of them come down to less than a couple of hundred votes, so if you're blue in a red state or red in a blue state, your vote actual matters for a change! (Have I mentioned the electoral college is stupid? It is. It's very stupid.)



  1. You always look so excited (or stressed) in your drawings. It's a joy.

    So okay. I'll vote. But only because you looked so excited.

  2. I maintain that local elections are even more important that national ones. For the reason you state, but also because you vote for someone who can actually make a difference in your life.

  3. Yeah. The electoral college is stupid. It's been stupid for a long time.


  4. Vote early and vote often! I'm in a blue part of the state, but there are no local elections this year. I don't think I have missed a vote since I was old enough to do so, although sometimes the results are less than happy.

  5. I voted, but it was by mail, and I mailed it in a long time ago, and it was really not all that exciting, but this post has made it slightly more exciting for me, so yay! I voted!

  6. Judging by the results, think your post made all the difference. Thank you! Some great things came out of this election. Now, use your magic to get people to elect Doug Jones over the pedophile Roy Moore on Dec. 12.