Monday, October 16, 2017

It's like ten thousand spoons...

Remember when I was sick last week? I do. It stunk. But I'm not sick anymore! 

So, of COURSE, this happened.

Ok, ok. Maybe I knew about this trip. But still. Doesn't mean I like it. 

im not clingy ur clingy shut up

Am I being dramatic? Maybe.  

Yep, just me and my cat this weekend. SIGH.

She only wants attention when I'm busy.


  1. Boop? What did you and Kitty watch? I went through all eight seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm and now I've seen the three episodes available so far for season nine. Everyone looks older except for Larry David. I think he looks exactly the same as when he was making Seinfeld.


  2. You make it sound like a weekend alone with your cat is a bad thing. That's when I spend quality time with mine... in a secret ploy to make her love me more.

  3. I bet you have to look after the Boyfriend's menagerie when he's gone too!

  4. What is ten thousand spoons referencing? I was reading this whole thing waiting for it to pay off.

    I just Googled it. Really? You're going to drop one of the more obscure lyrics from a 20 year old song and just leave it with no context? Doing that is like rain on a sunny day.