Monday, September 25, 2017

Cat Safety

Yes, it's another cat post. Guys, kitties are the only things good and pure in the world right now, so I'm not even a little bit embarrassed that this post is about em. (Also, I'm sponsored by cat, remember?)

So this is me and Boyfriend, driving around town. 

But then over the weekend, one of Boyfriend's kitties got out of the house. They had done this before and it wasn't a big deal. He has a big yard and they usually just romp around in the bushes killing small animals until they get tired/hungry/bored. 

However, this time he saw Milo dart across the street into the neighbor's yard!

Luckily we got him out and Boyfriend carried him home.

However, suddenly Boyfriend and I felt very differently about the cars that speed through his neighborhood. 

Safety first, y'all. 


  1. Absolutely accurate. We used to have a dog that had no sense of where the street was (or maybe he did and just liked the street).

    Every time I saw a car going too fast, I thought about what wouyld have happened had the dig been out there.


  2. My car back window has a "Caution, old man on board" sign.

  3. I lied, it doesn't, but I'm going to look for one.

  4. One day I was driving down my street, going slower than the speed limit because I worry about the cats in the neighborhood, when a little boy on one of those plastic three-wheeled things (they used to be called Big Wheels--I don't know if they still are) rode out right in front of my car. I didn't have any trouble stopping. His mom was chasing him. She pulled him back up into their driveway and then she probably grounded him until he's thirty.


  5. And that's how empathy and social justice works. I'll take a knee now.