Monday, June 12, 2017


So, I'm still in my month of no drinking

It's been...hard. 

Ugh. And Boyfriend is actually traveling right now, which is making it harder to not drink. On a weekend if I"m chilling by myself, I always have a glass of wine at night before I go to bed. 

But now it's all bad sad times. 

Anyway, I am glad that I'm doing it, if for no other reason than I'm proving to myself that I can. I also am still having some tummy troubles in the morning, and it's actually good to know that it's not because of my drinking. (On the flip side, it's bad not knowing what's causing it and how to stop it.)

All that being said, I'm definitely looking forward to next Friday. Just one more week. 
Am I losing it a little bit? Maybe. 


  1. I knew a couple once who always quit drinking for one month a year, just to prove to themselves that they weren't alcoholics. They always picked February to do it, though, the shortest month of the year.

    Can the doctors not figure out what your tummy troubles are from? Maybe you've got excess stomach acid. I do and am on medication for it. It can come with aging.

  2. Congrats. You're more ambitious (and/or concerned for your health and well-being) than I am.

    A little grumpiness is a small price for the others around you to pay, right?

  3. Hey, congrats! I can only imagine how hard that is.

    So now I guess that means it's time to cut out more things you love until you find what's bothering your stomach?

  4. Tummy Troubles + Morning = Pregnancy
    But that was in my world, long ago. And it only happened twice. That was enough.


  5. So, a glass of wine is about 125 calories, assuming a 5 oz glass. You've gone 21 days or so, and assuming one glass of wine per day, you are down 2625 calories. A whole pound or so! Woohoo!

  6. You can make it. I'm at 26 days and even went on a beach vacation during that time. Do you know how hard it is to stay sober when the people you're vacationing with treat the beach like a Jimmy Buffet tailgate party? It's amazing how, when you stop doing something, you can't not see it everywhere you go. Oh, and to answer your question from a while ago, I stopped because I got a doctor's physical including blood tests and they had slightly high liver readings so they told me to quit everything and stay away from acetaminophen. They wanted 2 weeks, but the doctor went on vacation so the soonest I could get tested was 3 weeks, then I had to wait for the results. Turns out you shouldn't wash allergy medicine down with vodka tonic two days before a liver test. But everything is fine and now I'm just stopping to see how long I can go because I felt like I lamented not drinking a little too much, and the anxiety that stopping caused me told me I need a bit of a break or I'll end up looking like Dan Aykroyd. And nobody wants that.