Monday, April 3, 2017

#Resist, #Persist, Attend too many meetings

What life feels like lately:

Been busy, y'all. Anyone feeling overwhelmed by all the #resisting?


  1. Ha! The hat is adorable.

    I'm doing a little in local politics again after years of hiding. People get burned out pretty quickly if they don't focus on just a couple things, it seems.

  2. Uh, sure, I could do all that, but my cat isn't gonna squeeze herself. #priorities

  3. I haven't joined into any groups as crowds of people usually contain at least one or more people that piss me off. I currently worry about the shit storm happening on a more solo basis. I am an isolationist type of dissenter.

  4. YUUUUP! In addition to constant phone calls, town halls, petitions, fundraising, and deleting mountains of emails from all of the organizations I've signed up for, there's local engagement (city council meetings are BORING) and signing up for community clean-up days, I can't keep up with anything. Maybe a revolution would be quicker. Bloodier for sure, but a coup would let me get back to my backlog of true crime docs on Netflix.