Monday, March 21, 2016

Kinda Springtime-like-ish?

My weekend:

No duck rape though. That's not cool. 

I learned my lesson, you guys. No more going outside til May. But that's ok. I know how to keep busy inside. 

Ain't no shame in my nintendo game. 


  1. Another "Global Warming is a hoax" propaganda post from Mayor Gia. Typical from a climate change denier. Go back to stumpin' for Trump!

  2. What the fuck, indeed? Hope you get to put on your pretty spring clothes again real soon.

  3. We're getting snow here this morning too. Dig out the thermal underwear, balaclavas and ear muffs again!

  4. Give me Toad over Yoshi personally but I'm pretty much the same... well, minus that whole going outside thing. You CAN wear your cool new spring clothes inside, too, you know. While Mario. Because Mario.

  5. Spring weather is definitely insane. At least you can trust Yoshi.

  6. We had a nice ice storm in Toronto yesterday. I didn't go outside, but apparently the whole city was one big skating rink. Not quite spring yet, for sure.