Monday, December 7, 2015

MacBook Shopping

My wonderful old macbook is on its last legs, so I've been looking at getting a new one.

We have the best date nights.

But the answer is no. No, I could not.

Yes bloggy friends, I'm coming to terms with investing an arm and a leg into a new laptop. 

How do you guys handle big purchases? 
If only my blobbit idea took off...


  1. How do I handle big purchases? Panic. Panic attacks all day. Vomit from the panic. Use a credit card and pretend I'm excited about getting all those airline points. Decide if I really need my kidney. Curse the eroding middle class. See if there's a market for pervy dudes who like old sweaty socks. Try to find the black market for kidneys so I can sell one of mine. Repeat panic attack. Cut back on things like eating out. Pretend to cut back on booze purchases (but if I do, then what will keep the panic attacks at bay!?!). Decide not to visit my family for Christmas because screw them anyway. Make purchase, then immediately regret my decision.

  2. I had to buy a new washer and dryer last week (and pay for a crown for one of my teeth). I actually calculated out how many pizzas I could have purchased with that much money.

    It was a lot.

    It was a tragic week.

  3. Apple products are worth the extra money!

  4. You can justify it because there are cats in this world that are still more expensive than a Macbook? Like a Bengal show cat, which can go for as much as $2000-3000?

  5. Sometimes I wait until I think I have enough money put aside and then I procrastinate. What if a better bang for the buck comes along? What if I just don't like it? What if it doesn't work the way I think it should? Lots of what ifs. Eventually I just give in and hope it was the best I could do, but it's stressful.

  6. It's worth it! Macs are so much more stable than PCs. I figure you pay the price for a cheaper PC in units of your sanity.