Monday, October 19, 2015

New Tablet!

Boyfriend surprised me this weekend, and gave me an early birthday present.

As I may have noted, my old tablet has been on the fritz lately - half of my shortcuts no longer work and it periodically just craps out.

So it's the perfect time for a new tablet. Hooray!

Oh well, bad drawings are kind of my thing, you know?


Well played, Boyfriend.


  1. Yeah, if that's his way of rubbing things in, by giving you gifts, maybe try strategically screwing up more often.

  2. I think this week's pictures are better! The way you have your feet wrapped around your boyfriend in that last frame looks more realistic than usual.

    I used to run through a computer every year. Now, I've had my ipad for two years and my laptop for an unheard-of three and a half years! Which is great because I never back anything up, and it's going to get ugly when one of them die.

  3. I don't think you know men that well. He probably did not get it early on purpose. More likely he knew your birthday was coming soon, and to give it as "early" was the way around admitting he forgot the actual day.

  4. I love that right after you anthropomorphized your tablet as an unhappy worker going on strike, you threw it away and got another one. Take THAT, old tablet! You work for me, not the other way around!

    But really, congrats on the new tablet! We need to invest in one of those. We're still drawing on an old laptop like complete newbs.

  5. Yay!!! Happy sometime very soon in the future birthday! I just had my birthday last week. Boyfriend took me to brunch and gave me an entire ski package.
    For his birthday I got him a card. I think.

  6. Sweet! What kind did you end up with? I don't think I can handle having anymore electronic devices right now. I have an iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, and my laptop. Which, realistically is the same number that most people have.

  7. Awesome! Enjoy it!
    I believe the fancy term for your drawings is "art brut".