Monday, September 14, 2015

Just a Touch of Rabies

A couple of weeks ago, this happened:

That's right. Boyfriend found a bat flying around his kitchen in the middle of the day. He got it out of his house and texted me. 

I reacted appropriately, I think. 

I furiously googled bat rabies, and was horrified by what I read, which included gems like these:

1. bats are the number one cause of rabies in people
2. bat teeth are very sharp and bites can be undetected by sleeping people
3. rabies is always always fatal and by the time you show symptoms, it's too late and you're gonna die

So I emailed this info to  Boyfriend, who promptly disregarded the email and told me that it wasn't in his bedroom, so it was fine. He didn't think to murder or trap the bat to get it tested, so he didn't report it. 

I tried to forget about it, and saw him like usual that weekend. 

Then, last week, Boyfriend found a bite on his leg. A bite that did not belong to his puppy.

So yes, Boyfriend finally went to the hospital. And got six shots. He got shots for his puppy, too. 

He and I have been googling rabies nonstop, and are both a wealth of information on the topic. 

(Yes, that sad Scrubs episode with Dr Cox having a breakdown was based on a true case!)

So that's how I became convinced I got rabies too. Even though there's never been a case of rabies through human kissing. Still. I've always felt that I was meant for greatness.

I made Boyfriend ask the doctor during his next visit, and she said she "thinks" that if he didn't have any symptoms, I was fine. TBH, "thinking" something is not the type of language that inspires confidence in me. But Boyfriend is fine. And I'm probably also fine. 


  1. That's terrifying. Does no one have rabies? Anyone foaming from the mouth a little? Is it too scary to watch The Walking Dead now because zombies are kind of like people with rabies? Am I at risk from even reading this?

  2. Forget rabies, are you both vampires now?

  3. I'm glad you (as of this moment) both don't have rabies, but where the hell does Boyfriend live? Transylvania?

  4. This is hysterical.

    I mean, assuming that no one involved has rabies, which would kill them.

    I probably shouldn't post this comment.

  5. Now I have to Google if you can catch rabies from a blog post.

    Pretty scary stuff.

  6. Haha! I love bats! After this post you probably think I am crazy, but have you seen their faces?? I think I read somewhere that they were the only other species that made oral sex! See, I bet you haven't read that information about bats yet.

  7. Good lord! That is insane! Who gets rabies anymore?? That is incredibly scary and I'm glad Boyfriend did the responsible thing and got shots. Sheesh.

  8. Your "yay repression!" panel is my favourite thing I've seen all day (so far). :-)

  9. When I was a kid I had a bat in my bedroom at night. I woke up with my cat jumping around on my legs and I couldn't figure out what he was doing. Oh just playing with a bat on my bed!!!!!!!! I did not get the rabies and neither did my cat. Somehow neither of us got bit.