Monday, July 8, 2013

Burned Again!

I tried, you guys! I really did. 

I burned the back of my legs badly. Sitting is a problem.

It takes a minute to register...

And I can't even complain to Boyfriend because this happened the last time I got burned

(But let's be honest, that didn't really stop me.)

See? A silver lining! Instead he can spray solarcaine all over me. 
 Anyone else get burned this weekend? Fess up!


  1. Where I live, it has been raining for days. We have Eurythmics on repeat. No one has seen the
    sun. We all look like pasty trolls coming out from under a rock. Today MIGHT just be the first chance of sun for over a week. I envy your sunburn-ha ha.

  2. Again!?! You do have a good Dermatologist, right? Otherwise, I'm scared for you of the pending cancer. Sorry, don't mean to exacerbate any hypochondria.

  3. I'm a runner, so I try to run when the sun's going down, otherwise I'm going to have the most ridiculous farmer's tan. Even so, I took off my shirt the other day and noticed that wonderful brown neck line leading to a pasty white body. There's just no escaping it.

  4. You can just refer to it as "concentrated, targeted sexiness". That makes it better, right?

  5. Me? Get burned? I'm hiding indoors as much as I can to avoid the heat.

  6. I totally got burned too! I put on the block every hour but I still got the ouchies. Dang sun! Why's the sun gotta be simultaneously SOO fun and SOO mean??

  7. I've come to the conclusion that if you ever see someone with a nice tan it was photoshopped. Even if you are seeing them in person. IT WAS PHOTOSHOPPED!

  8. I've totally lost my passion for the sun. I tried to lay out and tan my pasty legs this weekend and was too hot within minutes.

    I'm getting too old for this shit.



  9. I somehow managed to miss a hand-sized section on my right size cleavage area (best I can describe the location) and I don't even know how the hell I could miss there.

  10. I got burned this weekend too, so I totally feel your pain. Except that I got burned in the UK... when it was 19 degrees... so yeah, I'm embarrassing x

  11. Gah, I burned my cheeks! (on my face, thank goodness, not the other cheeks). I try so hard to not get sun on my face, and I'm not even sure how it happened, but my cheeks were bright red. Dang it. I don't want to be one of those leather-faced old ladies!

    I suggest lots and lots of aloe. It is soothing, and it definitely helps to mositurize.