Friday, August 3, 2012

Awards and Olympics, Oh My!

I love the Olympics. And not only because there is literally nothing good on tv and I was going to be forced to watch toddlers and tiaras til the end of summer. I’m a big fan of the major events – swimming, gymnastics, tennis (is tennis not a major one? It is to me).  But watching non stop coverage has made me appreciate the lesser known ones, like kayaking (paddling?) and fencing. And I've been watching a LOT.

Notice we're on the comfy futon.

Crushing my olympic dreams. Le sigh.

In honor of the Olympics, I thought I’d pass along some awards that I’ve been hoarding. I present to you:

(or, here’s some awards).

Firstly, the awards. Some of them are really old, because I’m slow and I like to do awards in bunches. My apologies.

Thank you to Lettuce Be Clear  What Inside Voice and For the Love of Writing for passing on the Kreativ Blogger Award.

And thank you to Contemplating Happiness,   Write, Rinse, Repeat. , and  Angela Shelton for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Now as part of the Blogger Olympics, I’d like give these “medals” (awards?) to the following kick ass blogs:

(Pick whichever is your favorite. And I don’t remember the rules but if you want to follow them, tell us seven things about yourself.  The weirder, the better.)

If you need me, I'll be tweeting about the olympics.

Spoiler alert: this will be a topic next week. 


  1. Gold in futon rigging.

  2. Gold in the 2-Meter Boyfriend Climb.

  3. I haven't seen fencing yet, but want to it's so kick ass. I think you could totally be an Olympic fencer if you could squelch all the lines from The Princess Bride's fight scene from playing over and over in your head. Or is that just me?
    I get the feeling that you may have wrestled the futon mattress to the ground for some "tumbling" events.

  4. Thanks Gia for the shoutout! I'm not sure either award fits my blog but I'm grateful nonetheless. I'll try to get a post up before my self-imposed hiatus next week. Enjoy the rest of the games!

  5. Thanks for sharing, I'll have to check out those blogs!

  6. I would award you a Gold and an "All Around" Gold for the boyfriend wrap-around.

  7. It's totally cool, I'm not the least concerned that Clean Sheets and Dirty Girls didn't win an award *sob*.

  8. Oh, I always imagine I can practice really hard and be in the Olympics too! By the way, you deserve all those awards. :-)

  9. haha...cute :) Looking forward to the next post then :)

  10. Giving Misty awards is always good. In return she gives you real vodka. I bet she'd get you wine.