Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy 4/20!

Throwback Monday: In honor of 4/20 (aka Boyfriend's favorite holiday), here's a weed post. Enjoy!
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So, as you may have heard, we recently had an election.

Washing and Colorado approved referendums legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

George Takei said this awesome thing about it:

Obviously, the news is doing a lot of stories on this. And it’s awesome. The Daily Show had a segment where they showed some newscasters reactions, like Brian Williams (the coolest stoner ever) and some douchasaurus from fox news. He said something like this:

Seriously, you guys. I love this phrase. I’m not even a big toker. I just love this phrase.  I plan on incorporating into my vocabulary as often as possible.

Has someone made a song and music video for this phrase yet?

Rap cameo. And yes, I meant to leave some brown in their by Boyfriend's hair. Because it's one of those dred-wig things.

You know, something like that.

But seriously, what? I mean there’s so many phrases he could have used instead

But no, he chose to bestow this comedy gold onto the population.

I wanna put this phrase on everything in my life.


Sorry, houseplant. 

Anyway, that’s my new thing. I’m like this close to changing the name of my blog. Or just modifying it.

UPDATE: Due to one person's popular demand, I MADE T SHIRTS!! Check out the girl here, the boy here, and the plain one here.  WOOHOOOOO! 


  1. Is it Boyfriend's favorite day because it's HITLER'S BIRTHDAY!?! Or is it because it's the anniversary of the Columbine massacre!?! And wait a second, you're going to change the name of your blog just as you introduce shirts? Is this a decision born out of being potted up on weed?

  2. "Potted up on weed" IS a pretty awesome phrase but I laughed hard at "douchasaurus" too!

  3. Brian Williams demonstrates why 4/20 needs to be a national (or international) holiday.

    That way, he can spend the day learning about weed so he doesn't make statements like that.

    Of course, we'd all get the day off work. We'd need to, because the traffic would be so slow otherwise that we'd never get to work anyway. Or else forget where we were going and all get out of our cars to look at clouds.