Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday Shopping

So, I’ve been asked a few times if I went shopping on black Friday.

I hate malls. I hate parking lots. I hate lines.  I signed up for amazon prime this year. So I get free two day shipping on tons of stuff. BEST. THING. EVER.

It’s fantastic. I’ve done nearly all of my Christmas shopping already. (It helps that I only shop for four people.) It makes me jolly.

Seriously, how am I not sponsored by amazon??
However, there’s one problem. See, half the time the delivery people will just leave the boxes in front of my door:

However, the other half of the time, they will decide they need to leave them with the store underneath my apartment.

This is slightly uncomfortable.  I mean, I’m online shopping to AVOID interacting with people, remember?


How do you guys shop? Do you do it from your comfy couch (okay, futon) like me, or do you actually go out to the stores?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wheel O’ Blog Topics II

Time to spin the wheel of blog topics.  I’ve updated it with a few things I’d be happy to talk about today:

Hmm…I guess I should tell you guys the story of the Thanksgiving Miracle that occurred this year.

First, this conversation happened before I went home for Thanksgiving:

The basis of wine lessons

I believe these texts occurred last November (when I still had a crapberry):

Yeahhhhh. That happened.

Sigh. He was right. So I went home preparing for some type of wine travesty. Ice in my wine, non-chilled white, a completely different crap wine that she got confused with pinot grigio, etc etc.   

And yet, when I came home my mom opened the fridge and took out:

Seriously Sutter Home...sponsor me?
A giant bottle of Sutter Home pinot grigio!!!! 

YAAAAY! My mom got it right! I had a giant bottle of my favorite pinot grigio! Sure, my mom still loads up her glass with ice and white zinfandel, but I guess we can look past that if she’s buying me big ol’ bottles of my wine.

How did you guys fare?  Did you make it through the holidays without stabbing anyone (or getting stabbed yourself)? 

Monday, November 26, 2012


Hey, did you know it’s Movember?

It means it's mustache-november, a month of growing a creepy ass mustache. Gross.

Anyway, it’s movember! And Pickleope is growing a creepy ass moustache (sorry) and raising money for charity! So you should totally donate to  it. Here.

And don’t judge men for their creepy ass mustaches this month.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mayor Gia's First Thanksgiving

It’s not exactly a Bible story, but I'm retelling the story of the First Thanksgiving. Enjoy! [Also, linking up with yeahwrite!]

In 16somethingsomething, a bunch of Pilgrims came to America.

Yay, religious tolerance! How nice!

They brought supplies with them to get through the first winter in America.

They were in trouble.  But then the pilgrims met the natives.

The pilgrims didn’t really understand the native people or their ways.

The pilgrims were also kind of jerks.

Things started to look pretty bleak for the pilgrims. Until...

The native americans shared their harvest, and the pilgrims survived.

 And they were super grateful. For a solid five minutes.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!