Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter!

Hope those who celebrate had a nice day! I'm away, visiting my family, so enjoy this repeat:

Monday, April 15, 2019


Boyfriend and I have had a terrible week. Our colleague passed away suddenly and unexpectedly after having a medical emergency in my office, and it's been tough. 

She's a wiggler. 

Monday, April 8, 2019

Throwback Monday Blowfish Kitty

Hi all - 
Had a crazy busy weekend and no time for a new post this week. Here's an oldie I still enjoy! Have a great week! ~Gia

I'm trying to make Boyfriend's dog and kitty become friends. Unfortunately, every meeting has gone something like this:

It's not pretty. Clearly, hanging out with a dog is beneath her.

Yep, same ol same ol here. 

Monday, April 1, 2019

Fur Everywhere

Those of you with pets are probably familiar with this experience: