Monday, July 9, 2018

Boyfriend Gets a Flamethrower

The scene this weekend:

I am very dramatic.

His pets are offended, as usual. They are also very dramatic. 

Dragon pets! If only.

Anyway, no, he didn't get one of those dumb fancy Elon Musk flamethrowers. He got a normal functional one to get rid of weeds growing in between rocks in his backyard. 

10/10 would recommend

Anyhoo, if anyone is looking for a gift for that special someone....get em a flamethrower. 

[Totally unrelated housekeeping update: as you may notice, the blog looks a bit different. I'll be freshening it up/simplifying the layout a bit over the summer, so expect to see more changes. Let me know if you have feedback on it!]

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Baby you're a....


I tried to post this on Monday like usual, but I lost internet for a few days, which was pretty traumatic. I will be accepting your thoughts and prayers throughout the weekend. 

Anyway, happy Fourth of July, everyone. From our pets to yours.