Monday, February 11, 2019

DNA Kitty

I knew she was more squirrel than cat.

Ok, not really. But kitty does appear to be more squirrel-like than cat-like in many ways. 

Also, a quick update on last week's post:

He's eating and his fever isn't as high, but he's still lethargic and acting a bit off. 

Monday, February 4, 2019

Sick Cat

Poor Boyfriend had a rough weekend. 

His big ol tabby, Archer, was being very weird and lethargic on Friday, so he brought him to the vet Saturday morning. 

Yep. We're not sure what's wrong with Archer. Luckily, he tested negative for all those awful F-diseases (FIP, FEV, etc etc.) He's still eating, so there wasn't too much the vets could do for him besides hydrate and let him go home. They think he's fighting off some kind of virus. Send him kitty well wishes and let us know your tips for keeping a feverish cat hydrated.